What is Dry Skin?

The skin is continuously losing moisture to the atmosphere. During winter, when the humidity is at its lowest, it will lose even more moisture. When water is lost faster than it can be replaced, the outer layer of the skin dries out. Dry skin looks old, and is pale in color.  


Dry skin would usually have most of the following characteristics:


  • After cleansing with facial wash or cleansing bar and water, your skin feels tight, as though it is too small for your face.

  • Flaky patches starts to appear by midday.

  • You will hardly experience any outbreaks of acne and pimples.

  • Your skin will sting after applying facial toner.

  • It is easily irriated and may even feel itchy.

  • There is a tendency to develop fine dry-lines, especially around the eyes.


There are a number of causes for dry skin type :


  • Incorrect use of cosmetics

  • Incorrect way of washing the skin

  • The condition of your thyroid gland

  • Skin Aging

  • Genetic predisposition


Uncovering the reason for the dry skin is an important step in improving the skin condition.

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